We share knowledge

Puro offers academic experts and top trainers to share knowledge. Our customers include universities, companies, public sector organizations and associations. You can find our speakers also in seminars, lectures and events.

Puro’s aim is to share real knowledge and expertise to our customers. Our vision is to be a gateway to facilitate the flow of academic and practical knowledge to decision-making processes. If organization is having a problem or challenge, we will find the right expert to solve the case or give new insights. In addition of Puro’s experts we’re having a wide network of professionals of different areas.

Puro wants to bring together the visionaries who have a profound understanding of their own field, to enable multidisciplinary cooperation, to enable synergy. We want to bring the products of this synergy to all levels of society to create a future of well-being.

Inspiring and high-quality expert views and speeches can at best give listeners the courage to develop or change things. Future needs experts and top trainers to share fresh information and to process it in practice for new innovations. “

-Niina Nurmi